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Dr. Webster's Nonfiction Children's Book Delights and Educates 


Katie: The Little Girl Who Stuttered
Then Learned to Talk Fluently


Dr. Ron Webster penned a delightful children’s storybook, Katie: The Little Girl who Stuttered and Then Learned to Talk Fluently. This is a true story about a smart, vivacious young girl who wants to overcome her stuttering and speak fluently. Katie’s stuttered speech causes her daily frustration and embarrassment. 









Katie’s journey to fluency is recounted in this unforgettable, non-fiction storybook that is designed for children between the ages of three and seven to read with their parents. Beautifully illustrated, the story reveals how Katie learns new ways of using her speech muscles to talk without stuttering. It also shows how her life is transformed with her new-found speaking ability. 


The way she talks inhibits her ability to freely share her thoughts and feelings. She endures teasing from other kids. The only time she finds solace is when she escapes to a nearby park where she loves to play hide and seek.


Yet, this all changes when Katie and her mother learn about a special stuttering treatment that is based on science. 

This book helps children who stutter understand there is help available and they aren’t alone. It also encourages kids who do not stutter to be kind and accepting of those who do. Moreover, the story dispels misconceptions about stuttering and how it should be treated.

New Book on Stuttering

Katie: The Little Girl who Stuttered and Then Learned to Talk Fluently achieves the ultimate goal of a children’s book – to entertain and teach in equal measure. Katie’s remarkable character will stay with you long after you’ve closed this heartwarming, insightful book. This book is available on, as well as from other book sellers. To purchase this colorful, 8.5 x 11-inch book for your child or as a gift for a friend or family member, please clickon the order button on the right.

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