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Leading through Innovation

Dr. Ron Webster is recognized as a pioneer in stuttering research and therapy innovation. He and his team at Hollins Communications Research Institute have an ever-growing list of significant "firsts" related to the investigation and treatment of stuttering.

Dr. Webster and HCRI were the first to...

Research and define specific speech muscle behaviors called “targets,” which replace distorted muscle activities that produce stuttering

Invent the concept of behavioral stuttering therapy that works with all stuttering types and severities. HCRI’s behavioral stuttering therapy, now in its third generation, delivers among the highest fluency outcomes ever reported.

Invent and patent the Voice Monitor, a real-time, computer-based speech measurement and feedback system. The Voice Monitor makes fluency-skill learning more exacting for clients and increases clinical efficiency by 500%.

Use electronics and computers in therapy to make learning new speech-muscle behaviors easier and more precise

Incorporate systematic, quality-control procedures  into the therapy process to optimize fluency outcomes

Change the clinician’s role in therapy to serve as an instructor, rather than a counselor, through the use of specific training protocols that foster client self-reliance and self-control

Introduce the first web-based home practice tool,  Fluency Net, that reinforces skills learned in therapy

Build a stuttering therapy system using a web-based platform, which offers the capability to expand  access to quality-controlled therapy around the world

Develop an iPhone app that serves as a “clinician in your pocket,” providing real-time speech feedback to stuttering therapy clients, helping them practice and stabilize newly acquired fluency skills

Create a training program exclusively for HCRI stuttering therapy clinicians to ensure consistent, results-based therapy delivery. This rigorous 500-hour program surpasses any available professional training or certification in the field.

Invent the first Speech Microscope that quantifies physical details in speech signals. With development continuing, the Speech Microscope offers the potential to change how speech is conceptualized and measured, adding greater precision and effectiveness to the therapy process.


HCRI Stuttering Therapy - Dr. Ron Webster
HCRI Stuttering Therapy App

Dr. Ron Webster

HCRI Founder and President


"Clinician in Your Pocket"

HCRI Therapy and Practice Tool

Dr. Webster and HCRI were the first to...

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