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HCRI Stuttering Therapy

Specially trained HCRI clinicians have treated 7,000+ individuals who stutter from across the U.S. and 50 countries, representing a range of stuttering types and severities.
HCRI Stuttering Therapy - Thousands Treated


HCRI's approach to stuttering therapy is based on science. Treatment is objective, comprehensive, and results driven. Therapy is specifically designed to treat the physical characteristics that cause stuttering to occur.

Tested with thousands of people who stutter, HCRI's comprehensive behavioral stuttering therapy was the first of its kind when it was invented by Dr. Ron Webster and his HCRI research scientists in 1972. Through the years, the Institute's treatment program has been continually enhanced, based on new research discoveries and the development of new technologies that make fluency-skill acquisition easier and long lasting. No other stuttering treatment replicates the sophistication of HCRI therapy - or the individualized approach from which clients benefit.



















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Therapy Program Specifics

HCRI stuttering therapy is the Hollins Fluency System III: High Definition Speech Reconstruction for Stuttering™ . This is Dr. Webster's fourth-generation stuttering treatment program. ​Grounded in science, the therapy is intensive, quantitatively measured, and lasts for 12 consecutive days.

During treatment, therapy participants are guided by specially trained clinicians and learn how to replace faulty muscle contractions that cause stuttering with new muscle behaviors that generate fluent speech. In addition to one-on-one training with therapists, computers and sophisticated electronics are used throughout the treatment process. In addition, technology-based tools help participants effectively transfer fluency skills learned in the clinical setting to real-world situations.

For many HCRI clients, stuttering therapy is a one-time experience; fluent speech replaces stuttering and additional treatment is not necessary. Yet, to achieve lasting fluency, clients must commit to working hard during therapy and practicing their new fluency skills once they return home.  All therapy participants benefit from an extensive package of post-therapy support that ranges from ongoing clinician follow-up to a computer-based practice system and proprietary app.

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​​HCRI Stuttering Therapy Results​

  • ​93% acquire fluency by the end of their 12-day treatment program.

  • 75% retain fluent speech when evaluated two years after therapy.

HCRI clinicians have treated more than 7,000 people who stutter, ages 10 to 73, from across the U.S. and 50 countries. Clients come from all walks of life and include broadcasters, athletes, teachers, students, doctors, actors, engineers, military personnel, business professionals, a supreme court nominee, police officers, and even royalty.

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Hollins Communications Research Institute
HCRI Therapy Results

93% acquire fluency by the end of their 12-day treatment program.

75% retain fluent speech when evaluated two years post therapy.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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